Closets, Cabinets and Drawers

We all know too well what a "catch all" closet, drawer or cabinet looks like! We sort, declutter and create harmony to make your items easily accessible!

  • Bookcase Before

  • Bookcase After

  • Under Sink Before

  • Under Sink After

  • Pet Cabinet Before

  • Pet Cabinet After

  • Liquor Cabinet Before

  • Liquor Cabinet After

  • Linen Closet Before

  • Linen Cabinet After

  • Kid's Drawer Before

  • Kid's Drawer After


We declutter, organize and arrange your basement to be functional and useable space for all to enjoy.

  • Before picture of basement organization project

    Play Space Before

  • Basement home organization by a professional organizer

    Play Space After

  • Storage Space Before

  • Storage Space After

  • Family Room Before

  • Family Room After

  • Kitchenette Before

  • Kitchenette After


Garages are usually the place we toss items to get them out of our house. We love to declutter garages, removing unwanted household items and creating storage solutions that make all of your "keep" items accessible.

  • Garage Wall Before

  • Garage Wall After

  • Garage Alcove Before

  • Garage Alcove After